Just Feel The Rain

Yesterday evening, Chris (my husband) and I went for a bike ride. Going on bike rides have been one of our favorite things to do lately. The trail we frequent is lined with woods and very tall trees and lots of foliage. I feel so immersed in nature when we are in it and I LOVE it. Yesterday about halfway through the ride, it started to rain, then pour. It was hard to see with all of the rain in my face, but I just let it all in. Feeling the rain on my face, feeling the wind and watching it move the tall trees. We then stopped to the old store located at the locks all built in the 1800’s. We sat on the porch and watched the rain pour down. When it calmed down, we headed back. As we approached the car, the sun came out on a still smoky gray blue colored sky. I smiled at that point. We are here, we are alive- right here, right now. Stop, listen, watch, and feel it all. Don’t run from it, JUST FEEL THE RAIN!


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