Soulmates? Twin Flames? Zodiac Signs and the Oddest Psychic Experience of My Life!

If you read my introduction, you already know that my husband and I have had a lot of odd coincidences. Some of these coincidences are: how we had encountered each other several times in our childhood and lived less than a mile from each other for the majority of our lives in the same small... Continue Reading →


The Death of Chester Bennington, Linkin Park Lead Singer

Occasionally, the death of a celebrity will affect me in some way or another. I mean, they are not "just celebrities", they are human beings that we see so often that we feel more connected to them than we do other people we have never really met, but rarely does their death rock me to... Continue Reading →

Just Feel The Rain

Yesterday evening, Chris (my husband) and I went for a bike ride. Going on bike rides have been one of our favorite things to do lately. The trail we frequent is lined with woods and very tall trees and lots of foliage. I feel so immersed in nature when we are in it and I... Continue Reading →

“She’s Really Weird”.

Throughout my life, particularly as a teenager, I had my share of people who disliked me based on how I was perceived. I actually had a few rumors that went around about me in (and right out of) high school- all completely false. Many people considered me either "stuck up" or "weird". I was certainly... Continue Reading →

This Cycle of PMS / PMDD

After my float experience, there has been a major change in me. I literally became a vegetarian (and working on being totally vegan) that day. I haven't snapped, I haven't felt a major inner "growl", as I like to think of it. The inner resistance to the things around me that I can't change but... Continue Reading →

UNITY – The Film

I was reading an article yesterday morning and within that article was a few different short videos, and the trailer for a film called "UNITY" was among those. It was short but super powerful. This movie was a one-night only showing in select theaters back in August 2015. It's been available in Amazon to rent... Continue Reading →


I re-watched one of my favorite documentaries, "With One Voice", this morning and this quote (that I didn't even notice before), really resonated with me because of my experience the other day: "The beginning and end of this journey exists right here, and right now, for we are coming home to a place that we... Continue Reading →

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